Arduino :: BirdStone Sound Project Community

The Arduino platform is one of the best products released in the last 20 years, at least, maybe ever, for the electronics hobbyist... any electronics hobbyist (audio or any other kind). It is also good for professionals because it makes programming the microcontroller at the hear of the platform. Plus, it's really easy to program which is what makes it so great!

The main uses of the Arduino platform in BirdStone projects is control of switching matrices. But, the platform is also used for designing some circuits to give the end user feedback via an LCD display. For example, the Tube Amp Power Supply Module displays supply voltages on an LCD display and uses the microcontroller to control the power indicator as well as status LED's.

Controlling LED's is a breeze, but controlling any other component is almost just as easy. Especially so, if you consider the switching, and current control capabilities of transistors. Transistors aren't just used for audio after all. As a matter of fact, their main uses are not audio.